Rehearsal guidance

Rehearsal Guidance post 6 September 2021

After taking account of Government announcements and guidance from 19 July the Committee has prepared a detailed risk assessment and considered the requirements of the rehearsal venue when putting together the following procedures for all rehearsals from 6 September until further notice. 

These procedures are in place to keep everyone attending rehearsals safe and take into account the: 

  • cautious approach recommended by the Government in recent announcements. 
  • continued rising numbers of Covid cases. 
  • fact that vaccines are not 100% effective. 

Guidance to all Band Members 

Band members are asked to adhere to the following: 

  • Anyone with any Covid symptoms or who is feeling unwell must not attend rehearsals. Neither should they attend if a member of their household has Covid or displays any symptoms or if they have been told to self-isolate. 
  • Timings are as follows: 
    • Committee members arrive at 6.45pm and set up chairs. 
    • Players to arrive from 7.10pm – absolutely no earlier.  ➢ Rehearsals will start at 7.30pm sharp until 9pm. 
  • All members are asked to sanitise their hands before leaving their car and on entry to the building. You may wish to consider having a bottle of sanitiser in your instrument case for ease of access. 
  • All players must wear masks on entry, when moving around the hall and on exit. Even though masks are not mandatory from the 19 July they are a requirement if you wish to participate in rehearsals. 
  • Seats will be placed as close to 2m apart as possible.
  • All players to bring their own music stand – there will be no sharing of stands/music and no PCB music stands will be available. 
  • All players to bring a towel to be placed on the floor underneath stand and feet to collect all moisture from instruments and a polythene bag to take it away – this must be taken home after rehearsal and disposed of or washed. 
  • All players will be provided with their own music pad which they will take home after rehearsals and will be responsible for bringing to all future rehearsals and any concerts. This will be placed on your allocated seat prior to arrival. 
  • Players to sit at allocated seat on arrival and unpack instruments at seat and keep all their belongings with them near to their seat to reduce movement around the hall. 
  • There will be no break for tea/coffee and social get together. 
  • Please do not congregate in groups in the hall before or after rehearsals. Please leave the hall and car park as soon as possible after rehearsals. 
  • All windows & internal doors within the building will be kept open throughout rehearsal to aid ventilation. 
  • After rehearsals players to pack away and leave building respecting social distancing as quickly as possible 
  • MD will conduct from the stage. 
  • Anyone who develops symptoms or becomes ill after attending a rehearsal is asked to take a Covid test asap and advise the Chairman or Secretary of the band immediately so all band members can be alerted and asked to self-isolate. 

Prepared by: 

Committee of City of Peterborough Concert Band 

29 August 2021